The Plot Thickens

Plot points allow players to change the course of the
campaign, introduce plot complications, and alter the


Each player starts with 1 plot point. During a session,
a player can spend that point for one effect. The effect
depends on your group’s approach to this optional rule.

A player can spend no more than 1 plot point
per session. Once every player at the table has spent a plot
point, they each gain 1 plot point.

Whenever a player spends a plot point, the player to his
or her right must add a complication to the scene. For
example, if the player who spends the plot point decides
that her character has found a secret door, the player
to the right might state that opening the door triggers a
magical trap that teleports the party to another part of
the dungeon.

The Plot Thickens

Sword and Sorcery (5e) benjamin_shanafelt