Sword and Sorcery
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As the title implies there are three realms inexorably linked that comprise this setting.The Middle Realm, The Upper Realm, and The Lower Realm. Each of these realms, though conterminous, adheres to it’s own laws and is filled with its own inhabitants.

You will find that the wiki contains new rules, feats, Classes, and races. Please note that not all of the core races are available to chose in this setting and others have been altered to fit with the themes of the setting. This will apply to classes and their archetypes as well.

Speaking of these themes, they are as follows;

Racial tensions and purity are measurable and observable factors that impact the very heart of nearly every community in the known realms. We will be beginning in a heavily human dominated area so keep in mind that racism is a thing.

Belief and Emotion have tangible effects on the realms. Whether it is the prayers of the faithful, the incantations of a sorcerer, or the fears of a community these mental aspects influence the world.

Steampunk,gritty, wild west, sword and sorcery, low magic, abandoned by the gods. These are the descriptors I have in mind for a new 5e campaign setting.

I will be drawing inspiration from Michael Moorcock’s “Eternal Champions” series, White Wolf’s “Sword and Sorcery” and “Exalted” campaign settings, “The Iron Kingdoms” campaign setting, and “The Prince of Nothing” series by R Scott Bakker.

I am planning to start the campaign in the village of Crystamere.

House Rules
City States of the Northern Coast

Sword and Sorcery (5e)

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